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EasyMap Xplorer – anywhere and anytime

Maps for everyone – simply secure

The perfect tool for your sales force

The EasyMap Xplorer allows you to create interactive web maps in just a few clicks.

Viewing the Xplorer maps is intuitive and requires no prior knowledge. Zoom in to see more details. Just click on the map to view all data for areas and locations. Use dynamic filters in maps and tables.

Access your business maps anytime and anywhere with your browser! There is no software to install and no plugins are required. EasyMap Xplorer is easy to use – on personal computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Hosting in the cloud or on prem

We offer you the appropriate solution

With the EasyMap Xplorer Cloud Service you can provide maps immediately. We provide the complete hardware and software to you. Support from your IT department is not required.

If your organization’s IT policy does not allow the use of cloud services, EasyMap Xplorer can also be installed on your own server.

Comparison of the EasyMap editions

Standard Edition DistrictManager Edition Xplorer
Analyses (area shading, heatmap, symbols, charts, etc.)
Design variety (diagrams, tables, Internet map…)
Automate evaluations with reports
Planning and optimizing districts and locations
District and location analyses (key areas, distance zones, etc.)
Document organizational structure: Reports with maps and data
Maps and data as web application (browser-based)
Mobile access, since it is device-independent
Control access to maps and data through authorizations


Enjoy our excellent software support to get the best possible results with EasyMap.

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Technical details

Supported browsers

The EasyMap Xplorer supports all common browsers in the current version and with standard settings. Incompatibilities or malfunctions when using these browsers are currently not known:

  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox